• Mevapol


    The Business is an old family concern, with over 80 years experience in the building trade. The estates and building contractors, is the recent part of our Company being formed in 1989. This was done in order to specialize in both development and building, recognizing the special needs of visitors tourists and ex patriots. Quality […]

  • Paphos


    The charming west coast town of Paphos (or Pafos) focuses around an attractive little harbour whose picturesque open air fish restaurants line a quayside of bright fishing boats and pleasure craft. With a population of just 28.000 Pafos nestles In the lee of the Western Troodos Mountains, which add another dimension to this area of […]

  • Cyprus


    CYPRUS island is an independent country located in the eastern Meditarenean Sea, 97 km west of Syria and 64 km west of Turkey COASTLINE: 648 km TERRAIN: Central plain with mountains to north and south CLIMATE: Temperate, Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The island provides a perfect climate for summer holidays. […]